WizeFly is a peer-to-peer web and app based online platform (in the making), connecting private aircraft owners and pilots who are willing to rent out their aircraft.


From small aircraft, all the way to big private jets, travelers will have the opportunity to pick the luxury level they want. A wide range of aircraft will be available to find the perfect fit for everyone.

No membership fees. Our goal is to make this new travel experience available to as many people as possible, whether you belong to those with low or high income levels, we will have something for everyone!

The new feature, which nobody has ever created before us, is that our app will combine huge variety of aircraft from small Cessna, Piper or Cirrus single engine piston aircraft all the way to big and expansive private jets or helicopters.

Private certified pilots who will be seeking to gain experience, increase their flight hours, use an aircraft for a private flight to go on vacation, make extra money or simply fly for fun – all can enroll in our program.  Just like any other traveler all they will need is to download WizeFly (Free),get registered, log in and see the availability of aircraft at the nearby airports.

Direct interaction between aircraft owners and travelers within the app will allow either side to ask additional information about the aircraft/traveler’s needs or discuss collection details.

Great benefits for businessmen too!!!

Significantly cutting down the travel time and reducing travel cost to minimum, your chosen aircraft awaits your arrival, no queues, VIP executive airports terminals available, some small airports offer meeting rooms in their facility – businessmen and their clients can have their meeting directly at the airport and fly home or to the next meeting right away.

Sharing the cost with other businessmen/travelers available – creating great networking opportunities!

Last but certainly not least  – PRIVATE FLYING EXPERIENCE!!!

We are now processing application for patent approval.

This will be the change you have been waiting for in aviation travel industry. With WizeFly app, soon enough you can forget about all the hassle you have to experience during aviation travels as we all know it nowadays, we will bring you a proof that  your next flight can be something you are looking forward to!!!This app will bring amazing benefits for both, leisure and business travelers – only a few clicks on your phone! That is all you will need to do!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, let’s make it happen!

www.wizefly.com – currently still under construction